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Malaysia is a beautiful tropical county in southeast Asia geographically divided from the mainland. It’s on the north of the equatorial line, which makes the climate of the country hot, humid, and rainy throughout the year. Malaysia has 870 beautiful islands, which boosts tourism for Malaysia and contributes more than 13.3%. To its GDP. It has two nonadjacent regions separated by the south china sea, one in Peninsular Malaysia(West Malaysia), having 80% of the population, and the second in Borneo’s East Malaysia. West and East Malaysia have a distance of 600 km between them. West and East Malaysia share different borders with different countries. There are magnificent places to visit in Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur, the national capital and the largest urban area of Malaysia.


Malaysia is a tropical county and that’s why rainfall is abundant most of the year and one should pack their rainy days kit with them. As it’s near the equator and enclosed by the sea there is no dry season in Malaysia. You can visit this lovely county from December – March. Overall year the average temperature in Malaysia is between 21°C to 33°C. The best time to visit malaysia between January and February on the west coast, April to June on the east coast, and July in Sarawak. If you visit from January to February you can also witness the Chinese new year and Thaipusam, one of the largest celebrated Hindu festivals in Malaysia.


Malaysia currency the Malaysian Ringgit is the official currency, and the Central bank of Malaysia issues it. The currency code of the Malaysian Ringgit is MYR. It was introduced after replacing the Malaysian Dollar in the year June 1967. Malaysia Currency is divided into 100 sen (cents).


places to visit in malaysia, TWIN TOWERS


Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, also referred to as KL and is the fastest-growing city in southeast Asia. These places to visit in Malaysia it is the hub for tourists and generates a big chunk of revenue from tourism. It’s famous for its skyscrapers, one of which is “Petronas Twins Towers” with its whopping height of 451m. These towers have 88 floors and 76 elevators.
A double sky bridge well links these two towers. Massive shopping malls like Pavilion and Suria KLCC are also among the city’s biggest attractions.A double sky bridge well links these two towers. Massive shopping malls like Pavilion and Suria KLCC are also among the city’s biggest attractions.


Batu cave is a religious and holy place for Hindu devotees. These caves consist of three major caves and several small caves. It is located 11 km outside Kuala Lumpur and has a 100-year-old statue of Hindu gods. Cathedral cave is the main cave located on the top connected with the stairs of 272 steps. This prominent tourist attraction is a 43 m tall statue of Lord Murugan. Thaipusam is a holy festival of Hindus and is lavishly celebrated in January, so visiting at this time of the month can make you experience the cultural significance of the Hindu festival.

places to visit in malaysia, Batu cave
places to visit in malaysia, SANDAKAN


This orangutan rehabilitation in Sandakan on Borneo is home to orphan baby orangutans saved from animal poaching and the pet trade. In 1964 this center was opened to protect orangutans who are kept safe till they learn to survive in the wild and are eventually released into the forest is one of the greatly famous places to visit in Malaysia by visitors. Tourists cannot touch them but can see them from far while playing and enjoying the time. You can learn a lot about these animals and fall in love with these adorable beings at the end of the day. They open the center for visitors from 9 am-4 pm, and the feeding times are from 10 am – 3 pm.


On this island, the time remains peacefully still. While exploring places to visit in Malaysia, you will get captivated by dense forests, turquoise water & immaculate tropical beaches. This island lies on the northeast coast & comprises two primary islands: Perhentian Kecil and Besar.
Kecil is a heaven for backpackers as it’s more economical. At the same time, Besar is expensive & luxurious due to its villas and resorts & more suitable for families & couples. This place is remote and does not have roads or vehicles, so it’s nicer to take off for an extended walk in the wilderness. The island’s highlight is its crystal clear water and green turtle population, as every year, 200-300 turtles come there to lay eggs.

places to visit in malaysia, PERHENTIAN ISLANDS​
places to visit in malaysia, MOUNT KINABALU


Climbing this mountain is not a manageable task for everyone. Watching the sunrise from the top of the peak is a dream of everyone as they will climb into the world of Serenity. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo and is set in the Ranau district, west coast division, Sabah. The mountain is 13,435 ft. overhead sea level & is a part of Kinabalu Park, a UNESCO world heritage site. The park only grants climbing permits who stay at mountain cottages. You need a good amount of endurance & stability to reach the peak. You must know that only 130-150 people can climb Mount Kinabalu per day.



Things to do in Malaysia while visiting, you can never skip adding scuba diving to your checklist. The experience of diving below the surface deep into the water and swimming with aquatic beings is amusing. You can enroll yourself in some scuba diving lessons if you are a beginner. The best time to visit is July to August & April to Dec.


Malaysia, offers you the ultimate ziplining experience of your life as you can zipline between two islands. Coral Flyer Zipline enacts between Gaya and Sapi Islands in Sapa, offering you the best views of the five islands while you will experience the charm of the island’s clear water.


Things to do in Malaysia are one of the most addicting & trendy sports. Wakeboarding is a blend of snowboarding, surfing & skateboarding. If you visit on weekdays, the price will be RM400 & on weekends it’s RM480. You can visit any beach throughout the year to try this fun activity.


Malaysia is prominent for its high mountain peaks, and taking off for some intense trekking sessions is a great idea. Whether you visit west or east Malaysia, you guys can trek through the forests, mountains & rivers for that extra rush of adrenaline. You can go for days or weeks in a group for extended trekking trips any time of the year. Some famous places are Cameron Highlands, the five peaks at Bukit Tabur, and Gunung Kinabalu. Some famous places are Cameron Highlands, the five peaks at Bukit Tabur, and Gunung Kinabalu.

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