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The largest country in the region of Southeast Asia, comprising around 17,500 islands is a land of spirituality & majestic landscapes. According to a 2017, report, Indonesia is in the third position in Asia & seventh in the world for tourism. Places to visit in Indonesia is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia followed by Bali which is mostly packed with tourists all over the year and is the main source of revenue for the county. Gape forth to stop by phenomenal beaches, temples, ancient pilgrims, mountain climbing exploration, rich wildlife & sensational nightlife. Touring this awesome place will give you a deep sense of connectivity to the natural domain & roots of the ancient past of Indonesia. For amazing shopping go for hand-painted batiks, stylish home decor items & amazing furniture. From reasonable to expensive you can stop by all sorts of galleries for an extended shopping spree.


There are no extreme conditions in Indonesia, the temperature is subtle all over the year. But, if you still wanna avoid the crowd & over-packed hotels then the best time to visit Indonesia is between October to April. This is the rainy time so do pack some umbrellas or a companion who loves rain.


Indonesia currency "Rupiah" is the authorized currency of Indonesia. The symbol the currency is denoted with is RP & the currency code is IDR.


places to visit in indonesia, MOUNT BROMO


This has to be on the top list of promising places to visit in Indonesia by every single traveler. Indonesia is still a land with tons of active volcanos that are dire & disruptive like Mount Merapi & Mount Krakatoa. But Mount Bromo is also famous for the beauty which is undesirable with its mesmerizing landscapes & green forest. A cloud of thick white smoke still emerges out of Bromo due to an eruption. The mount comes under the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. You can hike up the active volcano with proper safety measures and permission from the park.


Komodo national park is home to the native Indonesian Komodo dragons gigantic endangered lizard species in the world. A part of the coral triangle this national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In places to visit in Indonesia, you will also come across thousands of dynamic aqua life like sharks, whales, turtles, etc. An area of 1,877 sq. ft consists of 26 minor islands & Komodo, Padar & Rinca three major islands. Apart from all, you can take part in some crazy adventure sports like trekking, snorkeling, diving, kayaking or going for a walk on the pink beach.

places to visit in indonesia, Komodo national park
places to visit in indonesia, BALI


Bali is the recipe for adventure, leisure & serenity. Sitting to the west of Java this island is packed with divine beaches, resorts rice paddies, vegetation, the nicest coral reefs, endless forests & soulful food. Devour all day eating & sipping while rejoicing on beaches through dusk till dawn. Take a peek into the soul of Bali, its colorful temples, and ancient sites. Ubud, a place in central Bali, a true meaning of bliss is the home of vital museums like the world-renowned Neka art museum that everyone should look out for. At night, roam around the island on bikes or groove at nightclubs to the beats of hip music.


An eighth-century architectural prodigy is home to the world’s largest Buddhist temple. You’ll come across hundreds of sculptures of the Buddha in meditating stances. It’s 45 km away from an old Javanese city, Yogyakarta. The temple is situated on the hilltop covered with an immense lush landscape & aesthetic view. The Borobudur, Mendut, and Pawon Temples are also part of the premises. The true illustration of a rich archaic history recites the story of young prince Siddhartha & his journey to becoming Lord Buddha.

places to visit in indonesia, BOROBUDUR
places to visit in indonesia, GILI ISLANDS


Indonesia is a romantic getaway for every couple. Imagine staying in exclusive villas build over the water with your partner at Gili islands. Gili Air, Gili Meno & Gili Trawangan makes up the whole islands on the coast of Lombok. Take a dip into the crystal clear water or stroll on the white sand beaches the whole day while savoring the exotic seafood. Try famous water activities on the islands which will keep you active throughout. At night bring out the party animal in you as the nightlife at Gili Trawangan is a lifetime experience and has to be acknowledged as one of the dazzling places to visit in Indonesia.


things to do in indonesia, PARAGLIDING


When people use the idiom ” I am feeling on top of the world” this is what absolutely paragliding feels like. One of the thrilling things to do in Indonesia is an experience of 150 meters above sea level and gliding in the windy breeze for nearly 20 minutes, having a view of the lifetime of the coastal lines of the galvanic islands of Indonesia is more like a dream come true moment. Lombok, Timis, Batur mount & Candidasa are one of the finest places to enjoy this safe & lively adventure sport.


Sit tight for an electrifying rocky ride in the wild areas of Bali. ATV is an exhilarating activity of riding a quad bike through the green jungle, muddy roads, and rice fields of Bali. Ubud is the right place for this activity to be conducted under the guidance of professionals. Riding a heavy 250cc bulky semi-automatic bike for 1-2 hours depending on how much you can indulge in the adventure.

things to do in indonesia, ATV QUAD BIKING
things to do in indonesia, FLYBOARDING


If you are a thrill-seeker & don’t want to spend your time lying on the beaches then hop onto your surfboard & challenge those high & mighty waves. There are numerous surfing schools in Bali where you can learn surfing as a student. Lombok in the West Nusa is a go-to destination for surfing. If you are already an advanced surfer then try out Padang Padang, Bukit peninsula & Uluwatu having waves over four feet high. This sport is quite risky so beginners have to be cautious at all times.


Amusing things to do in Indonesia if you want to take surfing a notch up then try flyboarding. A person with a decent balance can excel on flyboard. Just thinking about flying high in the air while standing on a board attached to a high-pressure jet sky taking you 10m high in the air makes the heart pump with electricity. Benoa island in Bali conducts this extreme activity under experienced staff. So, get ready to be swept away from your feet with this rousing journey in Indonesia.

things to do in indonesia, FLYBOARDING

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